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Tooth implantation: the ideal solution

Until recently, adentia (lack of teeth) was a very serious problem. Fortunately, with the advent of implantation technology, when an artificial titanium root is used for restoration, everyone can once again boast a perfectly even snow-white smile. It is not surprising why dental implantation in Odessa is becoming more and more popular every year. After all, the advantages are obvious:
  • The cost of dental implantation is comparable to the price of installing a removable prosthesis, but the result in terms of reliability, convenience and aesthetic qualities is many times greater than outdated methods.
  • The implant transmits chewing load in the same way as a natural tooth does. To date, this is practically the only way to avoid atrophy of the jawbone
  • The new tooth, built on a durable titanium implant, does not cause discomfort and feels as natural as possible.
  • Contrary to popular myth, implantation is not a painful procedure and almost never causes complications: even in patients with a weak immune system, a tendency to edema or vascular problems.

And - the most pleasant. If you decide to make the right choice and contact Dr. Voskoboinik's dental clinic for dental implantation, prices are not the only thing that will pleasantly surprise you. The fact is that the talent of our specialists, combined with the use of the most modern low-traumatic technologies, allows you not to wait several weeks - or even months - between installing the implant itself and building a crown on it. In our clinic, the entire procedure from start to finish will take only one day.

How a tooth is implanted

Before the procedure itself, the orthopedist carefully examines the oral cavity for inflammation or chronic pathologies that the patient himself might not have noticed.
After examination and sanitation, the specialist of our clinic proceeds to the selection of materials. By the way, this stage too often does not receive due attention in some other clinics that carry out dental implantation in Odessa. However, a competent selection of both the implant itself and the material for the crown is a guarantee that the ideal result will delight you for many decades.

Next comes the time of implant placement. The procedure will take about half an hour, and modern methods of anesthesia will make the operation painless. It remains only to install the supporting element and the crown (which, as already mentioned, takes place in the clinic of Dr. Voskoboinik on the same day) - and soon you will already forget that this tooth is not your own.

As you can see, with the cost of dental implants and the excellent results you will have for the rest of your life, this is the best choice for those who want to regain their whiter teeth. Therefore, do not waste time in vain: contact the specialists from the dental clinic of Dr. Voskoboinik - and enjoy your new flawless smile!

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Our team

Voskoboynik Dmitry Alexandrovich Chief medical officer
Voskoboynik Dmitry Alexandrovich
Chief medical officer

Graduated from Odessa State Medical University in 2005. From 2005-2007 postgraduate internship, majoring in general dentistry. From 2007 to 2016, he worked as a dentist-therapist in the Odessa City Dental Clinic #5. Since 2012, in parallel with his work at GSP#5, he started a private surgical practice in several clinics in our city. From December 2015 to this day, a private surgical and general dental practice, in his own clinic.

Fokina Elena Alexandrovna Doctor orthodontist
Fokina Elena Alexandrovna
Doctor orthodontist
Voskoboynik Konstantin Alexandrovich Dentist, Chief technical 3D specialist
Voskoboynik Konstantin Alexandrovich
Dentist, Chief technical 3D specialist
Voskoboynik Yulia Alexandrovna Dentist
Voskoboynik Yulia Alexandrovna
Cherny Vyacheslav Leonidovich Anesthetist
Cherny Vyacheslav Leonidovich
Osipov Vadim Andreevich Assistant 3D specialist
Osipov Vadim Andreevich
Assistant 3D specialist
Vakulenko Victoria Head nurse
Vakulenko Victoria
Head nurse
Yukhimchuk Valentina Nurse
Yukhimchuk Valentina
Kaplanskaya Alena Nurse
Kaplanskaya Alena
Lopushinskaya Anna Clinic administrator
Lopushinskaya Anna
Clinic administrator
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For those who want to whiten their teeth and are worried that it is dangerous - relax. I also worried about this. I took a risk and I'm happy with the result. The process itself is done by some newest device, I don’t remember what it’s called. The procedure is absolutely safe and does not damage the enamel due to this equipment. The only thing for the result to be fixed is to give up smoking, tea and coffee for the first time. I have been enjoying a snow-white smile for a year now.

Julia Aksionova
Julia Aksionova
Date: 16.10.2018

My friend recommended this clinic to me. When I came to "Dr. Voskoboynik", I felt at home. Nice staff, cozy atmosphere, fresh pleasant smells. The clinic determined that I had pulpitis. It was necessary to treat channels. I saw a dental microscope for the first time. With his help, the doc treated my tooth. The tooth was cured now nothing hurts. The clinic left only pleasant impressions. I will advise my relatives.

Oleg Dulgerov
Oleg Dulgerov
Date: 21.08.2018

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